When JBM started shooting commercials, he had a used professional-grade camera, a computer and a video capture card. He had two purposes--getting his clients fast results while establishing long-lasting relationships based on trust and those same results. He didn't use gimmicks or wordplay; he got his clients the results he promised. As his client base grew, his equipment caught up with his abilities.

Now, JBM Productions delivers rich, original, effective commercials in stunning top-of-the-line quality. Whether your commercials need green screen shots, on-location shots, professional voice overs, jib movements, special lighting or quick turnaround, JBM Productions is where you can find the equipment and expertise to make your air time the most effective it can be.

Advertising is the art of convincing a complete stranger to do business with you...and, with hundreds of commercials in several states, JBM Productions has the experience to convince your target audience to do business with you. Your commercial is more than a flashy video--it is a vehicle for a message...your message. Getting that message to your demographic requires original content, custom editing and implementation of tried-and-true marketing practices. Anyone with a camera can make a 0:30 television spot. However, JBM Productions goes further, developing custom-tailored advertising strategies.

If you would like to see these practices in action, head over to the JBM Productions video showroom for the latest spots. If you are interested in discussing how JBM Productions can increase your revenue, call 888.447.1870 or email info@jbmproductions.net.

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